Monday, December 11, 2006

Beach Grows in Brooklyn?

Tom Fox CEO of NY Water Taxi has been working on a proposal for a beach in Brooklyn's Red Hook neighborhood. Located at Atlantic Basin it would include a new High School, workspace for artists, historical ships, a new home for the Water Taxi fleet, a park area and a beach.

Click here for more info...

Friday, November 24, 2006

Beach Soccer

Beach soccer was fun at the end of the season.. We are expecting it will be even more fun in the spring when things warm-up..

Check out this link for a video about Beach Soccer

To sign up for the Beach Soccer for next year, follow this link When they ask which league, sign up for the "Summer Beach" league.

Monday, October 30, 2006

2007 plannig

yes, the Winter hasn't started and yes and we are fast at work planning out the 2007 beach season.

We hope to book a few Weddings in May and June of '06

The major summer weekends (July & August) will be filled with an assortment of DJs spin music from around the region and the world. We expect Saturday nights in the summer to feature our ReBound Party.

There are two easy truism for NYC residents; they love food and they love film. The question is do they love film about food?

We think the answer is YES, especially if they can taste some of the food that's appearing up on the silver screen! We are going to try to host NYC's first annual Food Film Festival.

Because we want to cook some of the food that will be shown, we have to spread out the festival over 3 different weekends. Our current plans are to do two of them in June and the last one in September.

Since we don't know anyone else who knows more about food and flim, the series will be curated by documentary filmmakerGeorge Motz.

So what food will be be cooking? Well, we are not going to try to make every item from every film we show. In fact we are not even going to try to make an item from every film. One weekend we will cook regional American burgers, one weekend we will do southern style BBQ and the 3rd weekend is still up grabs, depending on what movies we can book.

We are working out the details to have Robert Richter run the smoker. He is a NYC based competion BBQer and the Pitmaster and consultant for Hill Country BBQ. He has already guest chef'd at Water Taxi Beach. If we can work out the details he will produce 3 days of lip smacking goodness!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

We are Open

It's Sunday Oct 1st. There was a bit of rain this AM, but it's Noon and the Sky is Blue and Sunny.

Sunday, September 24, 2006


It's been a very eventful weekend. The most interesting part is that the weather man has been wrong in our favor. Don't that we didn't have some rain but not a long and not any yesterday from open to close...

That doesn't mean there still isn't some on the way... Although we are about to open up for Sunday there is still the threat of some mid day thunderstorms… it's also Sunny and 75 degrees warm!

Yesterday we put up the Western and Northern side walls of our Tent.. so we are, more than ever, ready to weather any storm...

Yesterday was small fry compared to our more "busy" Saturday’s in the "heat' of the summer… but it was notable. We had many people who came after 10pm to hear and dance to our DJ. Included in that group was Jon and Mark from Pukka; it was nice to see them hang out w/ out having to "spin."

Of course they will be here in a few hours to spin the afternoon and night away!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Sept. 23 we are open

Sept 23rd, Saturday.. Yes, we are open..

23rd and 24th

We have a core crew at the beach today with a weather eye on the horizon... if weather permits we will open. Otherwise, we are painting and cleaning :)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

the near–mythical Water Taxi Beach

Just discovered a really nice write up about us and a visit to NYC focused mostly on the outer B's then Manhattan..

"...Then it was Sunday, bright and shining, and the non–dietary goal of my visit was at hand. The MTA's line 7 trundled westwards towards Manhattan but I got off at Long Island City for the walk to the near–mythical Water Taxi Beach. It was everything I'd dreamed – ratlands, etc..."

I'm hoping that ref to ratlands is a good things...

To see the whole article... Click Here.

Fox TV

Weather permitting, the Fox Soccer channel will be filming a segment on the Beach Soccer tournament next Tuesday for their FC Fox TV show.

That's Tues Sept 26th at 6pm...

Please come down and watch!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Sat & Sun We Are Open

We are open Rain or Shine this weekend (Sat and Sunday)

The current (Friday @ 8pm) forcast is for rain on Sat AM until about 1pm.

We will open at our regular time and we have our big Sat night dance party with DJ Duo Pukka kicking off at 8pm.

The return again this Sunday for their regular slot, "Beats Beyond the Beach"

Closed Friday Sept 15th

We will be closed today Friday Sept. 15th due to predicted heavy rain and heavy weather all day/night.

We will open Saturday at Noon rain or shine..

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

3 more weekends

Summer isn't over..

There are 3 more great summer weekends ahead.. and we have some great DJs coming up... on Sept 9th, 16th and 23rd. Stay tuned for all the details..

Thanks and see you on the beach!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Opening Delay on Sunday Sept 3rd

Sunday Sept 3rd we will have a DELAYED Opening. We will open at 1pm. That will give us a few extra minutes to DRY off!...


Friday, September 01, 2006

Labor Day Weekend

With Ernesto Looming... every one has been emailing us about if we will be open.. Satuday; The answer is yes. We have our core crew coming in at 10am to prepare to open at Noon.

However, it's predicted that there will be heavy rain until the early evening. We are planning that if the heavy AM rain shows up, that we may DELAY our opening until 7pm.

We are open Rain or Shine Fri/Sat & Sun all SUMMER...

We will be open for ReBound at 8pm.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Movie Night

Aug 31st, Sept. 7 & 14th are Movie nights at the beach..

Bring the family...

ID required to drink...

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Despite the possibility of rain, we will be open today.

ReBound starts at 8pm.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Final ReBound

The final ReBound party of the 2006 season will be Saturday, September 2.

Here are some details..
DJ Spun, PS1's Musical Curator, closes out the Warm Up and Rebound seasons
with In Flagranti (Codek / Nublu)
and Gypsy Bogdan (Turntable Lab / Nublu)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

ReBound This Week!

Rebound: A weekly party at Water Taxi Beach in Long Island City

this week



a)ex O_

and your semi-regular beach bunnies

Justin Carter and DJ Probus (Nublu)

Three DJs make up Negroclash: DJ Lindsey relentlessly represents, DJ Language couldn't work harder, and Duane, an Other Music store floor-osopher, is the best-kept secret in the record business. As a team, their mixing makes you want to break into applause. A brilliant blend of phuture funk and cosmic crunk propels the party here, brimming with hooks, hops, and hits. Principals like Cat Stevens, Frankie Knuckles, and Jellybean all show up, as do cuts from the Pointer Sisters and MAW, but the juiciest string comes when "Automatic" turns into Toney Lee, folding into In Deep, and winding up with Phil Asher's break-up jam "Having Your Fun." As the 75-minute arc soars, the floor goes with it.

Although his musical career started with playing the piano in grade school, a)ex O.’s real passion began several years later when he was exposed to the rave scene in Colorado. With his roots in deep soul music, it’s no surprise that his first encounters with House music created a lasting & powerful impression. Diving into his passion for the dancefloor and funky 4-to-the-floor beats, a)ex jumped behind turntables of his own and has never looked back.

Probus and Justin Carter, residents from Nublu, start off the evening with sounds from punk funk to techno.

A live mix from DJ Lindsey:


On the New York Water Taxi: Taxis depart from E. 34th Street in midtown Manhattan on a varied schedule

On the subway: 7 train to Vernon Avenue/Jackson. Walk along Vernon Avenue to Borden Avenue, turn right. Look for signs for Water Taxi Beach.

Or on the bus: B61 and Q103.

From PS1: Walk south on Jackson from PS1 (Take a right with the museum to your back). Right on 51st Ave. Left at 2nd St. Look for signs for Water Taxi beach on your left.

at Water Taxi Beach (2nd and Borden, LIC, Queens) - 8p til late - free
go to for more info.
go to for pictures of the space.

Event Website:

Sunday, August 20, 2006


The summer, like it or not is winding down...

There are a few more weeks of ReBound; the last main event is Sept 2nd.

Want to know what is happening at ReBound this week? Click here

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Friday, August 11, 2006

Busy Summer


It's been such a busy summer I haven't had much of a chance to Blog... but here is a bit of a round up..

6 mentions this summer in the NY Times, plus 4 weeks in a row in Time Out Mag, and lots of other TV and print coverage has started to actually put us on the Map. A burger event with Gothamist/A Hamburger Today and a kids breakfast and Rock Out Concert with TONY Kids were the too big highlights..

Check out this video link about us and some other night spots..

ReBound, our party on Saturday Night has also been a big hit.. We can't mention the party in LIC that gets you all WARM before you come over to cool down at ReBound.. but with the 4k to 7k people who attend that day time party checking out the modern art and so forth it's been really easy to get lots of people to check us out. Doug Singer has been doing a great job putting together a hot world class list of DJs and every one has been totally chill. Hangout music til 11pm and then it really kicks in.. We serve until 3am on Saturday..

Friday, July 28, 2006

We are here

We will be here rain or shine on Fri, Sat and Sunday
until the end of the summer... and we have a few more weeks of summer remaining of course...

So come on down, hang out in the big yellow tent and have a soda, beer or tropical drink.. not to mention a hot dog or a Motz Burger.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Heavy Weather

The beach is currenly experiencing heavy weather
and is closed until this heavy storm passes.

We do have power and we are staffed to be open later tonight.. if
the weather breaks.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Friday & Saturday

Just reminding every that Fri, Sat and Sunday (during the summer) we are open Rain or Shine.. including of course this weekend..

Monday, July 17, 2006


Rebound is picking up.. We hope you can make it..

July 22nd Ursula 1000 ESL Music,
Alex from Tokyo,
$mall change

July 29
Jacques Renault I.S.S.
Kaiser Gunther

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

close today

Water Taxi Beach and Harry's@watertaxibeach will be closed today
Wednesday, July 5th 2006.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Friday, June 23, 2006

Eric Gioia

There will be a fundraising Beach Party for Eric Gioia tonight at the beach. The main beach area will be open. The Volleyball Court will not be put out tonight..

The beach will be open, the yellow tent area and the sandy area near the tent and normally used by the volleyball court will be set aside for the Eric's Beach Party.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


The 1st Wednesday we will be open is June 28th..

Starting June 22, (THIS THURSDAY) we will be open every Wednesday --- Sunday through Labor Day...

DJ event coming..

Saturday, July 1

The very first Rebound
with Monk-One, Oneman, and E’s E
at Water Taxi Beach (2nd and Borden, LIC, Queens)
8p til late

-->> free for directions.

Email for more info

This is the first in a string of Saturday night parties at Water Taxi Beach in Long Island City, a beautiful beach (check the photos: that’s shuffling distance from PS1’s Warm Up party. Wax Poetics Magazine, Turntable Lab and NYCTrust are joining forces with the brothers’brothers, FunkNYC, and Five Grand Stereo to kick off the opener. Brooklyn’s resident record digger and party rocker Monk-One will be celebrating the release of his new mix CD, ‘The Funky Disco Sound of Monk-One’. His fellow break-addicted cohorts E’s E and Oneman will join him on the tables. Bring the flip-flops you can dance in. There’s a HUGE tented, wooden floor for dusting it up!


On the New York Water Taxi: Taxis depart from E. 34th Street in midtown Manhattan on a varied schedule
On the subway: 7 train to Vernon Avenue/Jackson. Walk along Vernon Avenue to Borden Avenue, turn right. Look for signs for Water Taxi Beach.
Or on the bus: B61 and Q103.

DJ Bios

E's E
E's E is the product of an international collaboration between Far East technology and out west sunshine. The result is the transformation into a potent new sensation subtitled Little Dynasty. Set against the historic yet phantasmagoric backdrop of Brooklyn NY, E's E and his records embark on an endless soundshifting road of quality music. E’s E has received numerous blessings for his mix CD projects that have included the critical appraisal "best mix ever" from Fat City in Manchester as well as a write up in Germany's most widely distributed Hip Hop Publication, Juice. Never shy to grab the pen himself, E's E has reviewed a number of Indy Hip Hop specialties for the Turntable Lab archives as well as a number of other undisclosed sites.

Monk-One has gained a worldwide reputation as a true music lover who simultaneously contains the skill to rock parties, throw down rare and never heard vinyl wonders and craft ridiculous chronicles of musical genres in the form of a mix CD that only a true connoisseur can do. He has blazed a trail in legendary clubs from Japan to the UK, going toe to toe with such heavyweights as Madlib, the 45 King, DJ Red Alert, Danny Krivit and Mark Rae to name a few. He maintains resident DJ status on New York's longest running Hip Hop radio show, The Underground Railroad (WBAI), is the "Ambassador" and editor of the well respected journal Wax Poetics, and has released an original 7" and EP on Ten12 Records.

Known throughout the land as "The Sample King," DJ Oneman sniffs out records like you wouldn't believe. His treasure trove of original vinyl dominates his living quarters, containing seldom heard and never seen gems that when the time is right, he unveils for the masses to ponder. His legendary guest sets on The Underground Railroad (WBAI) have been known to throw the listeners, residents and hosts in an absolute uproar. His knowledge and appreciation of rare vinyl species has led him to submit mixes on the famed website as well as spot gigs on Long Island's legendary cable access show Rare Groove Revolution, where he spent 3 episodes breaking down the complexities of one of the crate digger’s biggest enigmas - Library Records. Oneman's vinyl collection has been heralded by such big shots as Dr. Dre and Jay E (Nelly's Producer) for its incredible selection of obscure break beats.

You can hear mixes from all three here:

Friday, June 16, 2006

We are having a coming out party for the Motz Burger, screening the documentary that inspired the Motz Burger (Hamburger America), and hosting a burger bash!

Question #1: Do I need a ticket?
Answer #1: NO, but it gives you a 50% discount so it's worth your while..
--- buy a ticket ---

The Motz Burger is Harry's at Water Taxi Beach's entry into the mythical "Great American Hamburger Contest" that plays out nightly across this great land at very burger joint, shack, and of course Brooklyn's Schnack. It's submitted for your approval... On June 24th we will get our Yea's and Nay's from NYC burger-ratia. Give your own taste buds a spin and then let us know what you think.

The Motz Burger is a 1/4 lbs of 100% Certified Black Angus Chuck. The meat is ground fresh daily; we make a GUESS each day and produce only a LIMITED quantity. Any meat that isn't used up by close of business on the day it was ground will never be born as Motz Burger. We use it to make our Coney Sauce.

Our QBQ BBQ Burger Bash, will use the Motz Burger as a template for the BQB burgers, so while many of the inspiring burgers are bigger than 1/4 lb, our homage burgers will be exactly 1/4 lb each.

Question #2: What if I don't have a ticket?
Answer #2: We are going to grind up a whole mess of black Angus chuck but in the end of the day there is only so much we can cut up... and grind in the time allowed. Ticket holders get 1st choice, but expect to have plenty extra on hand!!

Here is the official story..

----------- cut here ----- for official press release -----


presented by


Admit it. There's nothing better than savoring the taste of a specially prepared, burger eaten outdoors while the sun begins to set and you wiggle your toes in the sand, enjoy spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline, sip on an ice cold beer and listen to the soothing sounds of summer. Cap it off with a special screening of the acclaimed documentary Hamburger America and you've got the Gothamist/ A Hamburger Today QBQ BBQ Burger Bash at Water Taxi Beach. That's "Quality Before Quantity"; - there's nothing fast about this food.

Special appearances by George Motz, James Beard nominee for his documentary Hamburger America, and Harry "Hey Chef" Hawk of Schnack and Water Taxi Beach make this QBQ BBQ the event that burger aficionados have waited a lifetime for.


WATER TAXI BEACH, Hunter's Point (Second St. & Borden Ave.), Long Island City

Special screening of Hamburger America at dusk; and it's world wide out door premier!

In an interpretative homage to some of America's most beloved patties, Harry's at Water Taxi Beach will chop fresh 100% certified angus beef at the Beach throughout the evening and serve up regional specialties including The Guber Burger (a Missouri specialty topped with hot, melted smooth peanut butter); The Butter Burger (a Wisconsin fave served with a large dollop of soft, pure butter); The Green Chile Cheeseburger (with hot green chiles, indigenous only to New Mexico); and The Motz Burger (named for acclaimed documentarian George Motz, it's the quintessential 1/4 lb. patty served on a white squishy bun with spectacular "Schnack" sauce....
--- cut here ---

Come and get it!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Friday June 9th

Looks like Friday night is going to be a wash out. Watch this space, at 2pm on Friday we will let you know if we are going on open.

Saturday is looking great and we hope everyone shows up on Saturday!!

June 17th

On June 17th the 1st Wedding we are catering at the beach will start at 5pm. The Big Yellow tent, the site of the wedding along with a tiny bit of the sand in front of it will be closed for the day until about 11pm.

In the event of bad weather the beach will be closed.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Meat & Beer

We want to clafify our happy hour...

Now that we have Schaefer, replacing the non available PBR, our happy hour special is from 3pm to 6pm for up to 2 KEGS worth of Schaefer (that's 200 cups worth or 3,200 ounces!). We blow the air horn when we start and we blow it again when it's gone...

(yes we will most likly switch back to PBR when it's available in Kegs in Queens...)

In terms of MEAT, or Elk product for this weekend has landed!

Schaefer is the one... for now..

While we are waiting for Pasbt to figure out who is their legal distributer in Queens NY, we have ordered up a supply of Schaefer Beer..

"is the one beer to have when your having more than one..."

Why Schaefer? it's available... when PBR is available, we will rapidly reconsider...

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Open Tonight

WTB will open on Saturday June 3rd at 7pm with a min. staff.

Rain Rain June 3rd '06

Saturday June 3rd 2006 at 8:40 AM EST

Based on hour by hour weather reports

Water Taxi Beach will be closed until 7pm tonight. At 4pm we will consider if we are still going to open tonight.

Check out the hour by hour weather.. Click here to view

Wednesday, May 24, 2006



So far we have been able to get ONE keg of PBR...

We are looking into gettting kegs of Shaffer, Reingold or anything else that represents default multi-national brand! (and still tastes good!).

Friday Open

We are opening on Friday at 4pm..

The weather is starting to look IFFY...

But at this point we are still planning on opening.. Unless there is really bad heavy weather we will be OPEN!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Monday, May 15, 2006



Esp. for those in the area, it's going to be hard to miss.. We have our tent up!!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

There are a lot of stars that have to come into alignment for the beach to come to life each year. It's hard to believe but we have been planning the 2006 since just a few weeks after the 2005 season closed.

But the hard work started in late Jan 2006 when we put a full time team back on the project. We expect my early May have 6-8 employees (full time equivalent) pushing things forward.

Where are you going to spend your summer?

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Thanks NY Mag

Thanks NY Mag
NightLife: 2006
Best Place to Pretend You’re in Miami

Harry’s LIC Bar & Grill at Water Taxi Beach
2-03 Borden Ave., Long Island City
If you crave a taste of South Florida without leaving the five boroughs… you could chill on the 15,000-square-foot beach that New York Water Taxi created last year by dumping 400 tons of fine white New Jersey sand on a Long Island City pier.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

We try Harder!

Thanks to The L Mag... ranking Harry's Bar & Grill @ Water Taxi Beach the 2nd best "Peachiest NEW" bar in NYC...

Click here

"Second place goes to Water Taxi Beach, which is neater-skeeter but seasonally limited. A beach! In Queens! With $1 PBRs! Plus a drunken boat ride."

FYI, PBR will be going up in 2006! and probably moving from Cans to Tap..