Friday, August 11, 2006

Busy Summer


It's been such a busy summer I haven't had much of a chance to Blog... but here is a bit of a round up..

6 mentions this summer in the NY Times, plus 4 weeks in a row in Time Out Mag, and lots of other TV and print coverage has started to actually put us on the Map. A burger event with Gothamist/A Hamburger Today and a kids breakfast and Rock Out Concert with TONY Kids were the too big highlights..

Check out this video link about us and some other night spots..

ReBound, our party on Saturday Night has also been a big hit.. We can't mention the party in LIC that gets you all WARM before you come over to cool down at ReBound.. but with the 4k to 7k people who attend that day time party checking out the modern art and so forth it's been really easy to get lots of people to check us out. Doug Singer has been doing a great job putting together a hot world class list of DJs and every one has been totally chill. Hangout music til 11pm and then it really kicks in.. We serve until 3am on Saturday..

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