Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Movie Night

Aug 31st, Sept. 7 & 14th are Movie nights at the beach..

Bring the family...

ID required to drink...

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Despite the possibility of rain, we will be open today.

ReBound starts at 8pm.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Final ReBound

The final ReBound party of the 2006 season will be Saturday, September 2.

Here are some details..
DJ Spun, PS1's Musical Curator, closes out the Warm Up and Rebound seasons
with In Flagranti (Codek / Nublu)
and Gypsy Bogdan (Turntable Lab / Nublu)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

ReBound This Week!

Rebound: A weekly party at Water Taxi Beach in Long Island City

this week



a)ex O_

and your semi-regular beach bunnies

Justin Carter and DJ Probus (Nublu)

Three DJs make up Negroclash: DJ Lindsey relentlessly represents, DJ Language couldn't work harder, and Duane, an Other Music store floor-osopher, is the best-kept secret in the record business. As a team, their mixing makes you want to break into applause. A brilliant blend of phuture funk and cosmic crunk propels the party here, brimming with hooks, hops, and hits. Principals like Cat Stevens, Frankie Knuckles, and Jellybean all show up, as do cuts from the Pointer Sisters and MAW, but the juiciest string comes when "Automatic" turns into Toney Lee, folding into In Deep, and winding up with Phil Asher's break-up jam "Having Your Fun." As the 75-minute arc soars, the floor goes with it.

Although his musical career started with playing the piano in grade school, a)ex O.’s real passion began several years later when he was exposed to the rave scene in Colorado. With his roots in deep soul music, it’s no surprise that his first encounters with House music created a lasting & powerful impression. Diving into his passion for the dancefloor and funky 4-to-the-floor beats, a)ex jumped behind turntables of his own and has never looked back.

Probus and Justin Carter, residents from Nublu, start off the evening with sounds from punk funk to techno.

A live mix from DJ Lindsey:


On the New York Water Taxi: Taxis depart from E. 34th Street in midtown Manhattan on a varied schedule

On the subway: 7 train to Vernon Avenue/Jackson. Walk along Vernon Avenue to Borden Avenue, turn right. Look for signs for Water Taxi Beach.

Or on the bus: B61 and Q103.

From PS1: Walk south on Jackson from PS1 (Take a right with the museum to your back). Right on 51st Ave. Left at 2nd St. Look for signs for Water Taxi beach on your left.

at Water Taxi Beach (2nd and Borden, LIC, Queens) - 8p til late - free
go to for more info.
go to for pictures of the space.

Event Website:

Sunday, August 20, 2006


The summer, like it or not is winding down...

There are a few more weeks of ReBound; the last main event is Sept 2nd.

Want to know what is happening at ReBound this week? Click here

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Friday, August 11, 2006

Busy Summer


It's been such a busy summer I haven't had much of a chance to Blog... but here is a bit of a round up..

6 mentions this summer in the NY Times, plus 4 weeks in a row in Time Out Mag, and lots of other TV and print coverage has started to actually put us on the Map. A burger event with Gothamist/A Hamburger Today and a kids breakfast and Rock Out Concert with TONY Kids were the too big highlights..

Check out this video link about us and some other night spots..

ReBound, our party on Saturday Night has also been a big hit.. We can't mention the party in LIC that gets you all WARM before you come over to cool down at ReBound.. but with the 4k to 7k people who attend that day time party checking out the modern art and so forth it's been really easy to get lots of people to check us out. Doug Singer has been doing a great job putting together a hot world class list of DJs and every one has been totally chill. Hangout music til 11pm and then it really kicks in.. We serve until 3am on Saturday..