Sunday, September 24, 2006


It's been a very eventful weekend. The most interesting part is that the weather man has been wrong in our favor. Don't that we didn't have some rain but not a long and not any yesterday from open to close...

That doesn't mean there still isn't some on the way... Although we are about to open up for Sunday there is still the threat of some mid day thunderstorms… it's also Sunny and 75 degrees warm!

Yesterday we put up the Western and Northern side walls of our Tent.. so we are, more than ever, ready to weather any storm...

Yesterday was small fry compared to our more "busy" Saturday’s in the "heat' of the summer… but it was notable. We had many people who came after 10pm to hear and dance to our DJ. Included in that group was Jon and Mark from Pukka; it was nice to see them hang out w/ out having to "spin."

Of course they will be here in a few hours to spin the afternoon and night away!

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