Monday, October 30, 2006

2007 plannig

yes, the Winter hasn't started and yes and we are fast at work planning out the 2007 beach season.

We hope to book a few Weddings in May and June of '06

The major summer weekends (July & August) will be filled with an assortment of DJs spin music from around the region and the world. We expect Saturday nights in the summer to feature our ReBound Party.

There are two easy truism for NYC residents; they love food and they love film. The question is do they love film about food?

We think the answer is YES, especially if they can taste some of the food that's appearing up on the silver screen! We are going to try to host NYC's first annual Food Film Festival.

Because we want to cook some of the food that will be shown, we have to spread out the festival over 3 different weekends. Our current plans are to do two of them in June and the last one in September.

Since we don't know anyone else who knows more about food and flim, the series will be curated by documentary filmmakerGeorge Motz.

So what food will be be cooking? Well, we are not going to try to make every item from every film we show. In fact we are not even going to try to make an item from every film. One weekend we will cook regional American burgers, one weekend we will do southern style BBQ and the 3rd weekend is still up grabs, depending on what movies we can book.

We are working out the details to have Robert Richter run the smoker. He is a NYC based competion BBQer and the Pitmaster and consultant for Hill Country BBQ. He has already guest chef'd at Water Taxi Beach. If we can work out the details he will produce 3 days of lip smacking goodness!

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