Friday, June 16, 2006

We are having a coming out party for the Motz Burger, screening the documentary that inspired the Motz Burger (Hamburger America), and hosting a burger bash!

Question #1: Do I need a ticket?
Answer #1: NO, but it gives you a 50% discount so it's worth your while..
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The Motz Burger is Harry's at Water Taxi Beach's entry into the mythical "Great American Hamburger Contest" that plays out nightly across this great land at very burger joint, shack, and of course Brooklyn's Schnack. It's submitted for your approval... On June 24th we will get our Yea's and Nay's from NYC burger-ratia. Give your own taste buds a spin and then let us know what you think.

The Motz Burger is a 1/4 lbs of 100% Certified Black Angus Chuck. The meat is ground fresh daily; we make a GUESS each day and produce only a LIMITED quantity. Any meat that isn't used up by close of business on the day it was ground will never be born as Motz Burger. We use it to make our Coney Sauce.

Our QBQ BBQ Burger Bash, will use the Motz Burger as a template for the BQB burgers, so while many of the inspiring burgers are bigger than 1/4 lb, our homage burgers will be exactly 1/4 lb each.

Question #2: What if I don't have a ticket?
Answer #2: We are going to grind up a whole mess of black Angus chuck but in the end of the day there is only so much we can cut up... and grind in the time allowed. Ticket holders get 1st choice, but expect to have plenty extra on hand!!

Here is the official story..

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Admit it. There's nothing better than savoring the taste of a specially prepared, burger eaten outdoors while the sun begins to set and you wiggle your toes in the sand, enjoy spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline, sip on an ice cold beer and listen to the soothing sounds of summer. Cap it off with a special screening of the acclaimed documentary Hamburger America and you've got the Gothamist/ A Hamburger Today QBQ BBQ Burger Bash at Water Taxi Beach. That's "Quality Before Quantity"; - there's nothing fast about this food.

Special appearances by George Motz, James Beard nominee for his documentary Hamburger America, and Harry "Hey Chef" Hawk of Schnack and Water Taxi Beach make this QBQ BBQ the event that burger aficionados have waited a lifetime for.


WATER TAXI BEACH, Hunter's Point (Second St. & Borden Ave.), Long Island City

Special screening of Hamburger America at dusk; and it's world wide out door premier!

In an interpretative homage to some of America's most beloved patties, Harry's at Water Taxi Beach will chop fresh 100% certified angus beef at the Beach throughout the evening and serve up regional specialties including The Guber Burger (a Missouri specialty topped with hot, melted smooth peanut butter); The Butter Burger (a Wisconsin fave served with a large dollop of soft, pure butter); The Green Chile Cheeseburger (with hot green chiles, indigenous only to New Mexico); and The Motz Burger (named for acclaimed documentarian George Motz, it's the quintessential 1/4 lb. patty served on a white squishy bun with spectacular "Schnack" sauce....
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Come and get it!

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