Friday, May 23, 2008

It's Not Loud

After 3 years of using various and miscellaneous sound equipment NY Water Taxi and Water Taxi Beach made the decision to upgrade the sound system. We wanted to put in a system that would be neighborhood friendly yet would be of high enough quality for the world class DJs who play here.

We are pleased to reveal for our grand opening our new GSA Out Door system. GSA typically designs systems for Nightclubs. The system they designed and custom built for us, was designed to be community friendly.

The system is very clear and extra clean, meaning the sound that we create doesn't have a lot of static and noise in it; we didn't want to waste our sonic output on sound we didn't need. Water Taxi Beach is NOT a club and this isn't a club system; it doesn't get very loud and it has been limited based on testing within the community (15 locations) so that the sound you hear at the beach, stays at the beach.

The system includes two speakers on the beach, two DJ monitors, two tweeter arrays, eight coaxial speakers and eight sub woofers. The system has a time delay so that the sound on the beach matches the sound in the tent. The system uses Crown Amplifiers.

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