Tuesday, June 03, 2008

July 4th

Once again, we will have a special day on July 4th. Tickets are $25 per person.

This year the barge which is normally at 34th St, will be relocated to 20th st, which will change the viewing angle but should still give us stunning views. There are no refunds for these tickets unless the firework display itself is canceled.

You can buy tickets with the following link Click Here

The link above was broken but is now fixed.

Ticket is for admission only. Our menu for July 4th includes:

Hot Dogs $3
Fries $3
Burgers $5 (normally $5.50)
Water $1 (normally $1.50)
Food Counter Soda $1 (normally $1.50)
Specials (p/a)

All virgin drinks $5 except water (which is $1)
Well $6.50
Frozen Drinks $7, $8, $12
Sangria $7
Mid shelf $10
Top shelf $12
Bottles of Moet White Star $90
Plastic "glass" of Moet is $14

This event is not recommended for children under 16 (or anyone with hearing problems) because of the loud noise. This event is not recommend for anyone who would have health problems being in close proximity to the fireworks.

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