Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We Won!!

Wow, what a day... lots of rain clouds but a real silver lining... at the 1st Borough Battle of Burgers, against pretty much the top competition in NYC, Water Taxi Beach won the best burger. We served our Motz Burger more or less as is here at the beach. The only exception, being that I personally cooked each burger with two assistants; that's a lot of TLC.

Now, if you are thinking about coming to the beach for a burger, please understand that a) we only make them on weekends and b) we only grind a small amount of meat each day, so supplies are limited, please come early if you want a burger!!

Now, some important thanks.. to our pit crew today.. Robbie and Miguel and to Andy for holding down the fort while we were cooking (and eating up a storm in Astoria!!). Thanks for George Motz for his help in designing the burger for us. Also, Pat... we love your MEAT!! For those in the know, all the great burger shops in NYC use meat from Pat LaFrieda.

While most use the most excellent Pat LaFrieda blend (Chuck & Brisket) we just get whole chucks and grind our own, fresh just before service... which is what we did tonight.

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Chris said...

Congrats! Can't wait to sink my teeth into another one this summer!