Tuesday, July 22, 2008

VIP Treatment

At Water Taxi Beach people often ask about getting reservations. Basically we dont' take them, except for our Friday night chicken BBQ.

We also take reservations for private events, which occur when the beach is open but in a private section. They start at $4,000. Here is a look at what you would get if you had 15 people and worked within the min. spending level.

Private wait staff
Private bartender
Your own section of reserved tables (3 - 4 tables)

Private security, retired NYPD, for your area

6 Bottles of Champagne (Laurient-Perier Brut or Grand Sc.)
(Champagne is the only bottles we allow on the table)

Shrimp Cocktail (fresh jumbo shrimp)

Fire Roasted Lobster tails (1 per person -- no shell, live maine lobster)

Prime Aged mid-west T-bone/Porterhouse Steak (1 per person approx 1.5 lbs+ each)
(these are the best in NYC)

Griled Asparagus, Mushrooms and Summer Squash

House cut fries

Fresh Brooklyn Biscuits - deep fried

Italian cookies + Italian chese cake or other cake

Choc or Vanilla Ice Cream

We also have an entire Organic & Vegan Menu available.

Everyone must 21 or older with valid and proper ID. It is illegal in NY State to serve someone to the point of intoxication. A bar plan doesn't include the ability for people to drink until they are drunk. Regular and legally required cut offs are strictly enforced

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