Sunday, April 01, 2007

Beer Soap Opera

We opened WTB in 2005 with the idea we would sell 24 oz PBR cans. They come from a different brewery than the 12 oz cans.

So we couldn't get the 24 oz cans for most of the season and then we got them in.. and finished 2005 with them.

In 2006, we switched to 100% keg beer. PBR was at that point NOT legally available in Queens. You could get it in Brooklyn and Manhattan but NOT Queens.. Yes, NYS alcohol laws are so very interesting...

So in 2006, we switched to Schaefer beer. It's made by the same company that makes PBR and it's a personal favorite. We (the Water Taxi) also stops at the Schaefer landing area (south side Williamsburg) in Brooklyn... so it seemed like a good fit.

Now, as we approach 2007, we assumed we would be selling Schaefer again. However, PBR is now available in Queens. After much careful thought and deliberation, we have decided once again to switch things up and this year, 2007, we will be selling DRAFT PBR!!

1 comment:

Douglas Cress said...

those $2 24oz cans were awesome.

Schaefer is good, but PBR is like an old friend.